Sunday, January 10, 2010

Canon P-150

Despite the 'P' Prefix, this is a scanner, not a printer.

I just bought this from Challenger yesterday instead of ordering it from Amazon and having it shipped. The difference is about $80, good enough for a cool date night out in town.

Change default input method on Windows Mobile

Changed the default input method on my Omnia2 (WM6.5) from the Samsung keyboard to Swype.

Set HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Sip:DefaultIM to "{7D51A54F-14D0-4eda-AC8D-0AE175C344E8}".

Follow the link in the title for the post where I first saw this information. I'm going to reproduce it here:
  1. Run registry editor on the Windows Mobile device.
  2. Navigate to the following registry key:


  3. Locate a registry entry named DefaultIM. Change the string value data for DefaultIM to the following CLSID according to your preference of input method.

    To make Letter Recognizer as default input method

    To make Block Recognizer as default input method

  4. Soft reset the device after change to make the new default input method effective.
  5. To revert and change back to the default original Keyboard input method, the value data of DefaultIm for keyboard is {42429667-ae04-11d0-a4f8-00aa00a749b9}.

If you have other input method, most of its CLSID is stored at HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID registry key branch. Locate the full complete CLSID for the input method, and change the “DefaultIM” value data accordingly to set different input method as default to use and activate in Windows Mobile device.

How to disable "message sent" bubble in Omnia2

Omnia2 from M1, Singapore, running Windows Mobile 6.5. Searched high and low on the Internet, but all the forum postings are copied from the same two sources, including the typos.

Tried setting these keys to '1' but still to no avail.


Somehow, Samsung's own messaging application is not reading these settings.


Omnia2 Tweaks + FAQs

Click on the link in the title ...

This is a comprehensive list of very useful tips for the Omnia2. Start here for more information.

Omnia2 - Enabling the Lunar Calendar

Edit registry key: Hkey_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\Calendar

Set "ShowLunarCalendar" to 1

Open your calender program and click the on right-bottom Menu -> View -> Lunar

Windows Mobile /WinCE Registry Editor

On my Omnia2 running Windows Mobile 6.5, I am using Schap's Registry Editor for WinCE (click link in the title of this post). This is good for editing registry keys which remote editors are not allowed to access/change, probably denied by ActiveSync.

CERegEditor runs on the desktop PC connected to the Windows Mobile phone (I'm doing this via ActiveSync/USB). This is very useful for "downloading" large sections of the registry to find where certain configuration settings are stored.

Omnia2 - Change Touch Vibration Strength

Omnia2 (GT-I8000) running Windows Mobile 6.5 has a vibration feedback for taps on the screen. It happened to me suddenly, that the vibration was gone, even when I enabled it in the Settings, Sound Settings, Touch Alert, Alert (set to "Vibration" or "Sound + Vibration").

Searching the Internet for this turned up more noise than signal. So, digging into the registry, I found this key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\VibeTonz.

It turned out that the strength of the vibration could be configured, and it was set to 0.

TouchVibeStrength (DWORD:0-5) controls the strength of the vibration.
TouchSoundOn enables sound feedback.
TouchVibeOn enabed vibration feedback.

Disable Threaded SMS on Omnia 2

Device: Omnia2 (GT-I8000)
OS: Windows Mobile 6.5

Get a registry editor (I used CERegEditor by mdSoft)

Open the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Samsung\JINBOX. Samsung's messaging application are stored inside here.

Set "ThreadedViewDisabled"=dword:00000001